Digital Story: Are You Okay?

Cody Lopez

Cody tells the story of a young man who strives to be comfortable with who he is. This man makes himself vulnerable with someone he believes will protect him from the stigma he’s grown up with.

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Storyteller Bio

As Founder and Director of The Community Care Project, Coronado “Cody Lopez” Dyer is fully committed to improving the health outcomes of gay and bisexual men in Baltimore, Maryland. Through informal community networking events, Cody provides leadership and other skills to same gender loving black men so that they are prepared to become community advisory board members and agents of change in the HIV prevention and treatment field. Cody previously served as the Program Coordinator for Morgan State University's School of Community Health and Policy, providing HIV, hepatitis C, and substance abuse programming to young adults on campus and in the community. Cody applies his progressive understanding of human sexuality and gender expression to educate youth on a range of topics, including HIV prevention and treatment, biomedical and behavioral interventions, and communication skills.

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No one ever asks, "Are you okay?"
Cody Lopez

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