Digital Story: First Time

Angelique Whitley-Allen

In this story, Angelique advocates for comprehensive sexual health education, specifically HIV, at the New York City and State legislatures. She also finds time to help a friend be smart in her new relationship.

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Storyteller Bio

Angelique Whitley-Allen is the AIDS Advocate Fellow at the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies. In this position, she advocates for government funding that is necessary to end the epidemic in New York so that people, especially young women and girls, can remain HIV-negative through adequate sexual health education and prevention, or be linked to care and virally suppressed and live the healthy lives they deserve. Angelique also conducts social media campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness days. Her vision is to live in a stigma-free world, where everyone can receive equal services and opportunities in accessing quality health care. This vision includes PrEP that is affordable and easily available, free condoms, and for safe injection facilities to be available in all cities throughout the United States.

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It bewilders me how many of my women friends have never bought condoms before.
Angelique Whitney-Allen

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