Digital Story: A Labor of Love

Maranda Ward

Maranda’s experience as a peer educator during college led her to start an organization committed to youth development. With her guidance, young people organize outreach events and community-building activities that address sexual health, among other topics.

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Storyteller Bio

Maranda Ward, EdD, MPH, is a community educator, curriculum developer, and youth builder. Her participatory action research explores how urban youth peer educators in an arts-based program actively construct their identities. Maranda’s research is currently being translated into practice at Promising Futures, a youth development pipeline (for ages 11-24) that integrates a social justice approach to positive youth development and uses hip hop presentations to communicate HIV prevention messages. She is also a certified trainer for three Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) evidence-based interventions: Focus on Youth + ImPACT, VOICES/VOCES, and Project AIM.

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Being a peer educator, a mentor, and advocate has become a huge part of who I am.
Maranda Ward

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