Digital Story: Questions

Mila Garrido

Providers are always learning on the job. In this story, Mila describes an encounter with a client that left her questioning her own assumptions.

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Storyteller Bio

Since moving from Peru to the United States, Milagros Garrido has become a passionate member of her community, started a family, and continues to juggle the demands of a career and six-year-old “spirited” child. Milagros is the Associate Director of Innovation and Research at Healthy Teen Network and is especially interested in the intersection of economic development, technology, and public health practices. Milagros’s expertise spans the breadth of sexual and reproductive health, working with state and local organizations, clinics, and schools to implement evidence-based approaches. She has extensive experience working with diverse communities, including HIV-infected individuals and American Indian, Latinx, LGBTQ+, and pregnant/parenting youth.

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We ask so many questions, but are they the right ones? Are there better ones that we should be asking?
Milagros Garrido

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