Podcast: Education and Entertainment with Shellita Dillon-Coleman

Narita Ghumman

In this episode we meet Shellita Dillon-Coleman, founder of She’s In-4 Tainment. Shellita has a passion for not only educating, but also entertaining young people about HIV and other STDs. She empowers teens by encouraging them to share their stories and talent through art and theater. Tune in and learn from our multi-talented guest!

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"Theater is so visual...this is an opportunity for people living with HIV to tell their story."
Shellita Dillon-Coleman

Guest Bio

Shellita “She-Nyce” Dillon-Coleman started on her path as an HIV/AIDS activist in 2001, working part-time as an on-air radio personality and full-time as an outreach worker for HIV/STD Prevention. From then on, Shellita combined her roles as an entertainer and educator, reaching high-risk youth of color by educating through info-tainment, a combination of information and entertainment.

Shellita is the founder of She’s In-4 Tainment, an events company specifically designed to utilize art and theatre as “home-grown” interventions to increase awareness regarding sexual health and homophobia. She has written, produced and directed two stage plays, and loves to create and host holistic conferences and workshops specifically designed for women and girls.

Among her accomplishments, Shellita produced Miya’s Story; Young and Positive, a powerful documentary about how a teenage girl and her mom’s lives are changed with an HIV diagnosis. In 2013, Washington University School of Medicine Pediatrics Department awarded Shellita the Shooting Star Award for her continuous work with women infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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“My advice...have a small emphasis on HIV/AIDS, higher emphasis on entertainment to recruit your audience.”
Shellita Dillon-Coleman

Show Notes

[1:19] Shellita's inspiration for She's in 4 Tainment

[4:03] Strategies for recruiting youth

[5:18] How telling stories became group therapy for youth and then a play

[8:53] Shellita's advice for professionals

[10:43] Shellita's vision for adolescent health and HIV prevention and treatment

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