Podcast: Meet the WWYH Team!

Narita Ghumman

In the first episode of this podcast, meet the people behind the scenes and learn about the resource center. This introduction highlights what to expect from the What Works in Youth HIV website and this podcast.

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"Our goal is to provide practical information that is also youth-friendly and LGBTQ inclusive."
WWYH Podcast Episode 1: Meet the Team!

Guest Bios

Aisha Moore, Project Director

Aisha has more than 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating public health programs. Aisha  manages overall vision of the What Works in Youth HIV project, and serves as your podcast host. She is passionate about health and working towards an AIDS-free generation.

Frances Marshman, Senior Editor

Frances is responsible for ensuring that the HIV content presented on the website is easy to read and understand. Frances has written and edited materials on topics ranging from HIV prevention and treatment to health care access and good food policies for over 20 years.

Katelyn Dore, Content Development Specialist

As a public health consultant, Katelyn is responsible for researching and developing content for the website. She is experienced in evaluation services and technical assistance to maternal, child, and adolescent health programs.

Liesl Lu, Web and Communication Manager

Liesl is experienced in creative and web development, social media, and video production. Liesl started her career working in tobacco control, empowering youth to advocate for policy change and prevent smoking.

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"This resource center is for anyone that works with youth and has conversations with them about their health."
WWYH Podcast Episode 1: Meet the Team!

Episode Highlights

  • [0:05] Introduction to the podcast host, and the online resource center.

  • [1:08] Meet the team behind What Works in Youth HIV.

  • [2:14] Explanation of the What Works project, and who the resource center is designed for.

  • [4:11] Katelyn highlights the content strategy and how the information presented on the website was curated.

  • [6:00] Here’s where the hundreds of resources were collected.

  • [6:40] Who’s the resource center for?

  • [6:55] Liesl lays out the center’s approach to HIV education and reaching youth via social media strategies.

  • [9:08] What Aisha is most excited about for our listeners and users.

  • [10:06] The inspiration behind what drives the team to empower providers who work with youth at risk for HIV.
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